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Background Information - Pre-UPP3RCU7

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Background Information - Pre-UPP3RCU7

Post by Matho on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:39 pm

It was the summer of 2001. Considering the great catastrophes that had plagued the world in the century prior, all was quiet; calm. The euro had entered circulation, Sino-Russian relations were at an all time high. Syrian troops had withdrawn from Lebanon, and George W. Bush had been sworn in as the 43rd president of the United States of America. Nobody could have expected how dramatically this year would alter the future of all nations. Asahi Multinational, a company with a small stake in the computing industry rapidly enhanced previously-existing artificial intelligence technology. At a pace never before seen, the company was subject to extreme growth. In time, they held a monopoly on A.I. to be used for any and all purposes. The technology advanced rapidly, with no end in sight. The entire world fixed their sight on the company, holding mixed views and beliefs about their inventions. Islamic militants saw it as a clear indicator of Western decadence, and this viewpoint is seen as one of the major contributing causes of the September 11th attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center. America rushed to war in Afghanistan, barely over a month later. The United States federal government purchased a massive amount of A.I. technology from Asahi for military use. The company received nearly-unprecedented amounts of money from the US military, serving only to further contribute to their innovation and enhancement of A.I. technology. The United States military began contracting armament companies such as Qiángyìng International, establishing prototypes of mechanized infantry units, giving the United States the ultimate edge in battle. The advanced processing capabilities of such machines required more extensive artificial intelligence, leading to warm relations between the two conglomerates. Eventually, those at Asahi struck what had been called the ‘technological singularity,’ in which they had created an artificial superintelligence advanced enough to compound their own technological research and growth. Industrialization sped up in all nations; leading some to dub this yet another industrial revolution. The previously-unfathomable changes in industrialization and machines happened too quickly for government regulations to compensate. Corporations went wild, churning out products at maximum efficiency.

Asahi grew to be the most sought out company on the planet. Cities expanded rapidly, reaching the point where they swelled beyond viability. Blue-collar work became a thing of the past in the first world, leaving many without employment. The reasons behind this were simple; in the long run, it was cheaper to simply purchase a highly-skilled automaton to perform the job. No training, no monthly pay. The results of new industrial revolution were traumatic for the planet. Sea levels rose, causing record flooding and destruction of coastal areas. People were forced to move further inland, only adding to the exponential growth of the urban centers of Earth. Famine was a particularly critical issue early on, due to the loss of previously nutrient-rich soil to mass flooding. Racial and ideological tension skyrocketed due to overcrowding and the loss of land, as well as the implications for the planet as a whole. Neo-luddite groups formed, enraged by what the singularity had wrought upon the world. Riots and inner-city clashes became frequent and widespread. Governments reacted with more authoritarian structures, but became too thinly spread and limited in resources. In some countries, coups were carried out by corporations with private armies as well as backdoors installed in their own mechanized policing forces, turning on the governments that owned them and installing corporations in their place. In some places, federal government simply seemed to disappear and phase out, leaving the people to anarchy. World leaders ducked out of the picture, fearing for their lives and safety. States and provinces of countries became individual, completely autonomous structures barely held together. Typically, companies would intrude and take over, promising a more stable economy and government.

The neo-luddites became enraged even further by the annexation of land by mere companies, and began revolting against them. Typically, they were quelled with relative ease, but they made some leeway in certain areas. While AMC was trying to expand their research programs, they needed more and more room to test their technology.  With the upper-city already at capacity, they had no choice but to move into the slums.  At first, they tried to pay off the residents.  Some of them took the money graciously, and a few were even able to make the move into the Outer Limits.  Others were less happy about the gigantic corporation trying to move into their neighborhoods.  They saw this expansion as an attempt by the AMC to try to control the poor population.  Some took to the streets.  They blocked off the construction vehicles access to the AMC facilities, and refused to disperse until the AMC pulled out of the area.  Nobody knows who ‘threw the first punch,’ but one side or the other began to use physical violence.  The citizens revolted, and raided the construction facility.  They declared themselves in rebellion against the AMC, and would refuse to comply with orders to leave the facility.  It was at this point that they were officially designated a terrorist organization; The White Masks.  It was believed that this organization was dismantled after AMC security forces raided the facility and forced the White Masks out.  Remnants of this organization went on to directly attack Asahi Multinational’s largest research and development center.  This specific building housed the AI Administration system that held every piece of information necessary to the running of the AMC itself, and was invaluable to the company.  The White Masks went so far as to destroy the original superintelligence that had triggered the singularity in the first place - before Asahi’s security division reorganized and utterly crushed them.

As time went on, organized revolt became less frequent. Companies and the weak shards of previously-existing governments settled into their new roles, and time began to crawl forward once again. As the old generation began to die off, the new generation grew up complacent and sometimes even truly comfortable with the new way of life. Beyond the nostalgic stories of their grandparents, they would never know what Earth had been like before the invention of the superintelligence, the great floods. They would never have a taste of TRUE freedom.

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