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Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:18 pm by Matho

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Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:10 pm by Matho

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Application Template

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Application Template

Post by Matho on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:10 pm

Neo-San Francisco Immigration Permit Application
This application combines a mixture of In-Character and Out of Character information in order to provide a more accurate representation of who your character is.  
Assume all questions are IC unless marked OOC.
Answer all of these questions truthfully, and to the best of your knowledge.

Basic Information
Age: (Any characters under the age of 50 would not have a lot of firsthand knowledge of the world prior to the way it was now.  You may play as a character of any age you’d like, but there are certain perks to being old and wise.)
Sex: (The general societal opinion about sex is that it doesn't matter.  People accept biological differences between the sexes, but there are no laws going directly against either sex.)
Race: (The entirety of Neo-San Francisco is extremely multi-ethnic.  Race can play in your favor in small pockets of culture, like Japtown.)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
[OOC] Physical Description: (Should be longer than 30 characters, use the information provided above to construct your physical description.)

Census Information
[OOC] Intended Area of Residence: (Most characters will live in the Under City, but characters that are rich/work for Asahi Multinational/work for the government usually live in the Upper City.  Keep in mind that the Upper City is at capacity at the moment, so your character must have been there for at least 5 years.)
Occupation: (Most characters are poor in the world of UPP3RCU7.  Many have to resort to criminal activity in order to survive.)
Criminal Background:

Background Check [OOC]
(Here’s where you can provide anything else you want to put about your character.  Characters that have snippets of lore behind them are usually better established in the world, and can offer more roleplay opportunities to other players.)

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